Bicycling is my hobby.

I have more bicycles than needed.

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Check out



Lynskey Bicycle

  • My Lynskey is a traditional bicycle.
  • I built my Lynskey.
  • My Lynskey is a titanium bicycle.
  • I ride my Lynskey a lot.

Gold Rush Replica Bicycle

  • My GRR is a long, recumbent bicycle.
  • I did not built my GRR.
  • My GRR is an aluminum bicycle.
  • I ride my GRR a lot.
  • Fast Freddy Markham set a bicycling speed record in 1979 on a Gold Rush.

Fast Freddy's Gold Rush

  • Fast Freddy's Gold Rush is fully enclosed.
  • Fast Freddy sits upright just like I do on my GRR.
  • There are several ways to achieve speed on a bicycle.
    • Using traditional bicycles.
    • Using fully enclosed bicycles
    • Going down a steep hill.
    • Tight loops in a velodrome.
    • Pedaling on a long flat surface.
  • Fast Freddy pedals a fully enclosed bicycle on a long, flat surface.
  • In 1979 Fast Freddy was the first to pedal over 50 mph.
  • In 1986 Fast Freddy set a record of 65 mph.
  • Today the record is 85 mph.


  • My tandem allows you to share your joy with others.
  • My tandem is a Burley.
  • My tandem can be ridden on roads or gentle trails.
  • The photo shows two people having fun.
  • It looks as if the stoker is not helping the captain.

Time Trial Bicycle

  • My time trial bicycle is made for going fast.
  • Most of the time you ride a TT bicycle with elbows resting in pads.
  • TT bicycles are also called triathlon bicycles.
  • My TT bicycle is rather old.  It has 650 wheels, which are close to 26" wheels.  The theory was 650 wheels put you closer to the ground and improved aerodynamics.
  • A bought my TT bicycle from a friend, who rode it in an Ironman Race.
  • I have ridden my TT bicycle in duathlons and as the bicyclist in a team triathlon.

Rest of my bicycles

  • I will post the rest of my bicycles in the near future.